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Village Fayres & Festivals

Great North Run
Corporate Great North Run

The Bride and Bridesmaids Get It On
Bride & Bridesmaids
Get on Down
The three original members
, John Doonan, Doug Payne and Billy Stewart were "locked in" The Gas Light every Friday night with fellow musicians and singers Jimmy Jones, Davey Winton and the legendary Eddie (the silver fox) McIntyre. Their fee was all the free drink they could consume until the early hours of Saturday morning. In 2000, the trio were joined by John's cousins Brendan and Mick (no they are not brothers but cousins) O'Donnell.

In 2001 the band started to gig around the North East. This coincided with the closure of The Gaslight pub and the band establishing a new residency at the Allison Arms in Jarrow, where they continued to perform on the first friday of the month until their final performance in November 2008.

Billy Stewart left the band in 2005 and was replaced by Paul "Ah its great man" Fenwick. Paul remained with the band until January 2007 when he left to travel the world. Paul was replaced on lead guitar by Lawrence (Lar) Nesbitt. In August 2010, there was a major line up change, with original and founding member Doug Payne leaving, along with Lar. Fortunately there were two ready made replacements available. Paul Fenwick had returned from his tour of the world and his friend Chris Wray, who had deputised a few times previously, came in on electric and acoustic guitar.

The Gaslighters have played a European festival in Holland and festivals in Amble, Ashington, Seahouses and their own local festival, South Tyneside Festival in South Shields. The lads also played at The Isle of Islay Beach Rugby Festival in 2011 and expect to be invited back in the years to come.

Anyone who has competed in the Great North Run in recent years and entered the public bar marquee at the finish line in Gypsies Green Stadium will have been entertained by Tony Audenshaw (Bob Hope, the barman in ITV’s Emmerdale)The Gaslighters and their now good friend Tony Audenshaw (Bob Hope, the barman in ITV's Emmerdale) and his band White Van Man.

What should you expect from a Gaslighters gig? A bloody good nights entertainment, from five lads who enjoy what they do with a smile on their face, because they are so glad to be "out of the house". They are not precious about their music, performing with humour, as they love nothing better than to laugh at themselves which creates an infectious chemistry with their audiences.

The Gaslighters are popular with young and old playing classics from the 60's to the present day. From the Beatles and the Stones, to the Kaiser Chiefs and Scissor Sisters. They even have a hint of the Irish when Brendan gets out his "little instrument".

The lads guarantee you will have a good night and if not, Mick, our Treasurer, and known for his generosity, will give you your money back!

WARNING... Many so called "Professional Wedding Bands" Do Just that. A Profesional Job. Job being the operative word, as they perform at weddings for the fee. In short, they are not enthusiastic nor do they attempt to entertain diverse audiences. The Gaslighters will not only guarantee a professional job, but they will also entertain and thrill you and your guests, including making an effort with any children present. We strongly advise you to come and watch us perform before you book, so check out our gig listings for our next live performances.

Unlike most "Professional Wedding Bands", you can "look before you book", The Gaslighters.

We are very confident you will NOT be disappointed.