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Who are The Gaslighters???

[The Gaslighters live]
John "Mr Showbiz" Doonan - Lead Singer

John's older brothers and his late father John are well known performers in the folk world The Doonan Family Band, and brother Michael also plays in a well known Yorkshire soul band called The Solicitors. John however started his own solo career almost 20 years ago becoming a popular act around the North East club scene under the name John Leonard.

The experience John gained performing solo has lead to him being one af the most polished and charismatic front men around and as long as he sings in the key of E, he's not a bad singer.

[The Gaslighters: Paul Fenwick]
Paul "Ah its Great Man" - Fenwick Lead Guitar.

Paul tells a canny tail, and if believed,he has been in more bands and has more famous "mates" than any other musician on the planet. In Paul's head he has been "on the road" longer than the white lines. Known to like a party, Paul gets into places, gas cannot get into, accompanied by the lovely Shaz. Paul is also into animals, especially hairy ones. He also has a rather large snake which the public and children need to be aware of. Seriously though, by day, Paul turns into Steve Irwin the Animal Man, as Paul has his own business taking his animals into schools, libraries and elderly persons homes. Oops I almost forgot. Paul is an accomplished lead guitarist, as well as playing bass in The Gaslighters, when Bren gets his little thingy out.

[The Gaslighters]
Mick O'Donnell - Drums

Mick learnt to play drums whilst serving in the Armed Forces. Indeed Mick has graced the hallowed turf at Wembley Stadium, playing drums at half time on Cup Final Day and can also can be heard on the closing credits of the BBCs Dads Army program.

After leaving the forces, Mick went into money laundering until he had enough to retire about thirty years ago. He will tell you its not that long ago, but don't believe him. Mick spends all of his time now cruising around in his beloved car and carrying out repairs to John's PA System. John is eternally grateful for this and pays his handsomely. Mick sits quietly at the back of the band, providing The Gaslighters with a steady no nonense beat. You always know when the band are ready for their second spot, as Mick will seen be carrying a pint in each hand onto stage.

[The Gaslighters]
Brendan (Memory Man) O'Donnell (Brendolin or Little Thingy) - Bass Guitar and Mandolin

Bren earns the name memory man because of his amazing capacity to know, or remember, the chords, lyrics and harmonies to EVERY song ever written. He used to have the nickname "Gig and Go" but Chris has taken over that mantle since joining the band.

When Bren is not playing he spends his time as "Dads Taxi", giving lifts to his three daughters and generally doing good. It is virtually accepted that if Bren were not in The Gaslighters he would have been a candidate for the priesthood. The boys in the band think that Brendan should be considered for canonisation and that St Brendan or Father Brendan has a certain ring to it.

Bren has to be one of the best bass guitarists around the north east band scene and his harmonies are part of what give The Gaslighters their distinctive sound. Bren always plays with a smile on his face, which becomes broader still, when he gets out his "Little Instrument".

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[The Gaslighters: Lar Nesbitt]
Lar Nesbitt - Lead Guitar

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